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Rehabilitation of Goikoa Palace

Old Quarter, San Sebastian. Spain.

Client: Municipality of San Sebastian.

We respected the façades, the exterior garden and the surroundings, adding a body of two floors set back from the streets. We unified the current roofing and the proposed addition, covering them with a photovoltaic envelope, with a colour similar to the sandstone of the façades.

For the interior, we proposed the full clearance of the space and the excavation of two basements. To obtain naturally-lit, radiant, open and versatile spaces, we only placed the necessary common elements, grouping the services in the least sunny corner.

Arranged along the perimeter, all of the working spaces have abundant natural light, while the flexibility of the floors enables the adaptation of the distribution to the needs of each department.

Rehabilitation of Goikoa PalaceRehabilitation of Goikoa PalaceRehabilitation of Goikoa PalaceRehabilitation of Goikoa Palace
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Rehabilitation of Goikoa Palace
Open competition, February 2008

Ijentea Street, San Sebastian. Spain

Municipality of San Sebastian.

Ignacio Quemada Sáenz-Badillos

Quantity Surveyor
Aitor Alcelay

Structural Engineering
José Antonio Gurruchaga

MEP Engineering
JG Engineers

Photovoltaic facades consultant
Ove Arup

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