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Health Centre in Beasain

Beasain (Gipuzkoa). Spain.

Client: Municipality of Beasain.

The typology of the building is clear: all of the consultation areas, in addition to the gym, office area, library, etc. are located around the perimeter, seeking natural light, ventilation and contact with the outside. The distribution spaces are grouped at the centre, surrounding the core formed by the stairway and lift.

The interior circulation is typical of a building for public use: perimeter routes around the core of the services and the waiting rooms on the upper floors, and a large vestibule on the ground floor with access to all of the services. No corners, no dead ends.

Health Centre in BeasainHealth Centre in BeasainHealth Centre in BeasainHealth Centre in Beasain
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Health Centre in Beasain
Open competition, November 2002

Beasain (Gipuzkoa). Spain

Municipality of Beasain

Ignacio Quemada Sáenz-Badillos

Quantity Surveyor
Inés Puelles Domínguez

Structural Engineering
Carlos Gómez-Cruzado

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